Legacy Property Maintenance LLC Review, Royal Oak, MI

Simply, not recommended. Spent $3,500 to learn more lessons

Point of Contact: Steve Nipper (Rehab)
Original job: Main Street Square Revival

Job review Project was posted (link above) with full punch list of items to complete; we had over 20 bids submitted on the project. Based on Facebook recommendations we chose this contract group.

The group quoted $2,500 for the entire job and we moved forward. Good communication in the early beginning but immediately fell off. We requested in-person meetings to review all punch list items however both meetings the contractor owner failed to show up, we ended up following their working schedule. 🧐🧐

Of the punch list items, two major items (a chunk of the cost) were totally missed and not accounted to be removed from the quote. However, an additional item (carpet removal in garage) was added (but no quote was updated yet)... this contractor clearly knew they could play the game here to maximize their profit by creating confusion by lack of project management. Of the several punch list items, the lack of quality rendered a half-ass job requiring additional contractors to compete the job. 😳 This contractor has posted several photos of their work on Facebook, but do make sure to note the perspective... because in person the quality does not exist.

The contractor group states to have great painting ability due to much experience, however: the wrong sheen used was totally wrong (and could be seen in random spots); the wrong color was used in one room completely (it looked like a child used a highlighter to cover prior tenant holes in wall 👎👎); and extremely rushed cleaning job (yes we hired another cleaning team too thereafter). We had notified the contractor group of the lack of quality, but they had defended that their job was done correctly 🤬. Our new contractors used the correct paint sheen and filled the holes on the wall correctly -- now it looks amazing.

The cherry on top: The closet doors that were repaired, within 24 hours of the tenant using them they completely fell off the rail... The owner was notified and they mentioned that their team made note that those doors would need to be replaced soon 😐😐. This contractor collected maximum profit knowing closet doors would fall off. 👎👎👎

The contractor provided a few hundred bucks back, but that was before we knew the contractor left the old toilet to stink up the entire garage. 😷

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