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Main Street Square Revival

Near: South Main Street, Royal Oak, MI, USA

Property restoration after tenant ruined the place. General contractors required for clean up and revival. New carpet has already been installed. Punch-list items below. Images attached and noted per line item (i.e. "@1A" see image with 1A in red text)

General / Entire property:

  1. Trim molding, where discolored, re-paint or clean back to white @ 1E 2E 3E
  2. Replace main window blinds (Should be 4x sets exactly, basic / cheapest blinds only) @ 1F
  3. Remove holes / items on walls (including tv brackets; 3 locations), patch and restore
  4. Hardwood floor revival; flooring abrasion / resurface but not sand. Lots of scratches. @ 1K 2K 3K

Master Bedroom:
  1. Remove blinds from balcony door. Clean door. (Paint if needed?) @ 1A
  2. Patch and clean general @ 2A
  3. Fix and restore closet (we have the doors, needs to be put on track; one of the ceiling speakers is a little loose, needs to be re-tightened) @ 3A

Second Bedroom:
  1. Remove all holes / items on wall and repaint neutral color @ 1B, 2B
  2. Replace sliding door blinds, cheapest option please @ 3B
  3. Get rid of the cabinet conversion and restorer to closet @ 4B

Kitchen / Nook:
  1. Remove all items from cabinets, drawers, refrigerator, broken stools. (do not remove the bar) @ 1C 2C 3C 4C
  2. Touch up cabinets (minor spots) @ 1D

Master Bath:
  1. General: Clean up, make pretty again.

Outside Patio:
  1. Remove items and clean.
  2. Solution for repairing the transition to the flooring? Tenant ripped up the front side, maybe small turf to fill. @1G, 2G

Landing from garage
  1. Remove items and clean. 1H

  1. Remove all items and general clean up

Family Room
  1. Remove all items and general clean up
  2. Outlet is cracked, replace with new @ 1J

Projected awarded to: Legacy Property Maintenance LLC
. Job was completed, but quality was 5/10. Wrong paint sheen was used and it looked like it was done very fast, clean up job was low quality, wrong paint used in bedroom, Closet door repair lasted 24 hours before falling off again, many items were not included (but also we did add additional requirement of ridding everything in the garage), total cost was $3000. 5/10 quality.