Plumbers Service, Inc. Review, Royal Oak, MI

$1,300 for a sewer cleaning job that was never completed

Point of Contact: Plumbers Service, Inc. (Plumber)
Original job: Sewer line backing up

Job review Sharing my experience here for those that want insight on a sewer cleaning job here for $1,300.00+

Hired Plumbers Service from a referral on 7/24 - they said no sewer clean-out could be found (it’s literally in the front yard, you can even see it on Google maps!!) so they charged $472.50 to remove a toilet and do a clean-out from there.

Two weeks later tenant reported exact issues occurring again. Called the them again and told them their prior job wasn't completed and it needs to be fixed (assuming I wouldn't be charged as much since I paid for a service that barely lasted 2 weeks but they said their service offers no guarantees) I also accepted to do an additional camera scope for another $200 on top... They went out on 8/6 - several hours later reported back that their line broke and they would need to come out on 8/9.

Monday (8/9) they reported they got there in the morning to continue the job, they said they would need to run a camera line to fix the broken line - so I said sure, it's their broken line obviously they're gonna pull it out. Later that evening they reported they actually found two (not one, but two) sewer clean-out locations (again, the front yard is less than 900 sqft just an FYI - the sewer clean out can be seen from Google Maps!!), and that their line was pulled out and they were going to provide further recommendations.

Tuesday (8/10) I get notified that my bill is $950+ for that last job... $400 of it to camera scope for pulling out their own broken line and identifying the two clean-outs. The recommendation was provided: for another $1,200.00 todo jetting and camera scope if I'd like to move forward.... Clearly I did not accept that proposal.

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