Rolls Mechanical Review, Ferndale, MI

Shower leak issue quickly fixed, but contractor added billable hours before showing up

Point of Contact: Office (Plumber)
Original job: Shower leak issue

Job review Contractor was very quick to communicate and schedule job in. Tech arrived at location at 9:15 AM to review and execute job. Extremely informal and detailed, but the formal side was very time consuming (i.e. writing an essay on the issue). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

After job completion, 5 hours was billed and invoiced for $648.34 for 2 handle style tub/faucet replacement. It was claimed the job was based on a 8am-1pm timeline... however the tech didn't show up outside until 9:15am.👎👎👎

Conclusion: Contractor likes to drag their feet and sneak in hours to maximize profit. Contractor was notified and after 2 weeks they gave 1 hour back. 👍

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