Panel Pleasers LLC. Review, Royal Oak, MI

Disposal replacement turned into flooring ruined, contractor refused accountability

Point of Contact: (Plumber)
Original job: Disposal replacement

Job review Panel pleasers (contractor) was hired to execute a disposal replacement on 9/17/22 for $240. Contractor was timely and had great communication 👍.

After job completion contractor was paid in full after both verification from the tenant and the contractor confirming everything worked great 👍.

24 hours later tenant reported dishwasher no longer working and pouring water out on to the new flooring. Dishwasher was newly installed 12 months ago, so assumption was problematic Disposal. We contacted the contractor for an immediate check/fix, but the response was that they were unable to schedule this week and also that the dishwasher hose drain was too long and needed to be modified. 👎

MKN Properties was re-assigned to the task and it was determined (after an hour of taking apart the dishwasher / checking all hoses / filters / etc) that the contractor failed to remove the disposal dishwasher plug, thus preventing any water from flowing. 👎

Between flooring repair and followup job, additional cost was spent and wasted. It was requested that the contractor refund a specific cost; contractor decided to refund a very small amount.

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