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815 Batavia Punchlist

Near: Batavia Avenue, Royal Oak, MI, USA

For Anthony

New job (Not quoted yet)

  1. Entry window frames to be re-painted.
  2. Kitchen window frames to be re-painted.
  3. Remove screen door in back completely and toss out, do not replace.
  4. Replace ceiling light in bathroom (max 3000K)
  5. Replace sconce light in family room (max 3000K, something that gives the room more light)
  6. Fix ceiling light in kitchen (We put in new brand new light bulbs, assuming bad transformer / replacement)
  7. Gas stove fix or replacement (all black or stainless steal -- used / lowed price)
  8. Trim painting where noticeable

From the current open job of $950 ($475 paid)

  1. Paint and restore two bedrooms (North East bedroom and North bedroom)
  2. Fix and revive bathroom door

From the last job that was paid in full

  1. Please have them tighten the door knobs, they're all pretty loose/li>


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